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After Blue (Dirty Paradise) 18 rating

A mother and daughter living in a post-apocalyptic future are sent to hunt down and kill an evil demon hell-bent on destruction.

Fantasy 2021 129 mins

Director: Bertrand Mandico


Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Roxy is a young woman living on After Blue, a planet populated only by women. When she helps to free a strange creature buried in the sand, she unwittingly releases the biggest threat her planet has ever faced and, along with her mother, is sent to find and kill the demon.

As Roxy (Paula Luna) and her mother (Elina Löwensohn) move closer towards their target through a slimy, alien landscape, they meet a succession of fantastical, seductive characters who tell them more about the demon they’re hunting.

Bertrand Mandico’s second feature, after 2017’s The Wild Boys, is a real mind-bending trip – a coming-of-age road movie set in a bonkers environment, and a feminist alternative to traditional masculine-led sci-fi.