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Maidan 12 rating

An essential and explosive documentary about the Ukrainian civil riots and protest movement, from the acclaimed director of In the Fog.

Documentary 2014 128 mins

Director: Sergei Loznitsa


From acclaimed director Sergei Loznitsa (In the Fog) comes an urgent documentary that boldly tackles an ongoing crisis – the Ukrainian unrest that erupted in 2013 following the government suspension of EU integration.

It focus on the ‘Euromaidan movement’, centred around protests at Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) that would eventually degenerate from peaceful rallies into bloody revolution, as an attempt to oust President Viktor Yanukovych led to the intervention of Putin’s Russian Federation.

Loznitsa’s courageous and extraordinary film takes a detached, observational and objective approach towards proceedings, capturing with unflinching gaze both the small, seemingly trivial moments of humanity at the margins of such seismic events, and the cacophony at the core of the catastrophe.