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Talk to Me 15 rating

Australian filmmaking brothers Danny and Michael Philippou’s feature film debut nods to their background as viral-video sensations.

Horror 2022 95 mins

Director: Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou



On the anniversary of her mother’s death, and looking for a distraction, 17-year-old Mia persuades her best friend to take her to a party where their school mates are apparently conjuring spirits. Realistic videos of teenagers convulsing, clutching an embalmed hand, while supposedly possessed by demons are circulating on social media, and Mia wants to give it a try.

The Philippou’s film offers up a smart spin on teens looking for an adrenaline rush. The horror packs plenty of punch, with an abundance of Sam Raimi-esque gore and violent frights, while Sophie Wilde gives a feverishly good performance as Mia.