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The Trouble with Jessica 15 rating

An uninvited guest causes havoc at a dinner party in this highly entertaining and darkly comic satire.

Comedy 2023 89 mins

Director: Matt Winn



Sarah (Shirley Henderson) and Tom (Alan Tudyk) are an upper-middle-class couple in dire financial trouble. On the brink of losing everything, they’ve managed to find a buyer for their stylish London home. When their best friends Richard (Rufus Sewell) and Beth (Olivia Williams) come round for a final dinner party, an old friend, Jessica (Indira Varma), tags along. But after Jessica commits suicide in their garden, Sarah and Tom hatch a bizarre and desperate plan to move Jessica’s body and cover up her death, rather than risk the sale of their house.

Matt Winn dishes up a highly entertaining and darkly comic satire, with brilliant performances from the terrific ensemble cast, in particular Shirley Henderson as the shrewd and savage Sarah.