Family viewing isn’t all Aardman and Pixar (great as they are). Our collection proves a reminder of the joys of children’s film from previous eras, waiting to be discovered by new generations.

Available to watch anytime for subscribers, these classic adventures perfect for family viewing – or a nostalgic treat for those who remember them from first time around.

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The Boy Who Turned YellowThe Boy Who Turned Yellow

Children's197254 minsDirector: Michael Powell

A London schoolboy’s surprise transformation marks the final collaboration of great British director Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

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Emil and the DetectivesEmil and the Detectives

Crime193562 minsDirector: Milton Rosmer

The British adaptation of Eric Kastner’s much-loved children’s book is an evocative adventure on the streets of pre-war London.

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The GlitterballThe Glitterball

Children's197756 minsDirector: Harley Cokliss

Somewhere in 1970s England, a UFO crashes in a potting shed. Inside is a strange round visitor from space: the Glitterball. How will it get home?

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Haunters of the DeepHaunters of the Deep

Children's198461 minsDirector: Andrew Bogle

A ghostly boy returns from the grave to warn against reopening 'The Devil's Mine' in this spooky drama.

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Hide and SeekHide and Seek

Children's197261 minsDirector: David Eady

Gary Kemp (The Krays) becomes entangled with a borstal escapee known as the Deptford Dodger in this cracking drama from the Children’s Film Foundation.

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A Hitch in TimeA Hitch in Time

Children's197857 minsDirector: Jan Darnley-Smith

Two curious kids are sent back in time by an eccentric professor, played by former Doctor Who Patrick Troughton.

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Johnny on the RunJohnny on the Run

Children's195368 minsDirector: Lewis Gilbert

A Polish refugee runs into trouble with two scheming thieves in this superb early work from illustrious British director Lewis Gilbert (Alfie, You Only Live Twice).

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Children's197260 minsDirector: Ian Shand

It looks like the quaint village of Byway will be bulldozed to make way for a motorway – until alien outcast Kadoyng arrives from Outer Space to help.

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The MysteriansThe Mysterians

Science Fiction195785 minsDirector: Ishiro Honda

The team behind Godzilla (1954) reunites for Toho’s first colour widescreen sci-fi, an arresting spectacle about the arrival of an alien race and their giant, destructive robot.

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Out of the DarknessOut of the Darkness

Children's198568 minsDirector: John Krish

A ghostly drama of the Derbyshire plague village of Eyam, as unquiet spirits of the long dead make contact with the living.

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The Railway ChildrenThe Railway Children

Period drama1970109 minsDirector: Lionel Jeffries

The beloved children’s classic about a London family who move near a Yorkshire railway station; one of the classiest examples of British period nostalgia.

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The Sky-BikeThe Sky-Bike

Children's196759 minsDirector: Charles Frend

Schoolboy Tom Smith flies a man-powered flying machine to win a handsome prize.

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The Man from NowhereThe Man from Nowhere

Children's197659 minsDirector: James Hill

Victorian orphan Alice Harvey - arriving to live at her great uncle's spooky house - is frightened by a mysterious, dark-clad intruder.

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The Monster of Highgate PondsThe Monster of Highgate Ponds

Children's196159 minsDirector: Alberto Cavalcanti

A boy receives a mysterious egg, but when it hatches a baby monster, mayhem ensues.

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Night FerryNight Ferry

Children's197660 minsDirector: David Eady

A schoolboy aims to avert a dastardly plan to smuggle antiques out of the country in this rousing kids’ crime yarn.

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Operation Third FormOperation Third Form

Children's196658 minsDirector: David Eady

John Moulder Brown (Deep End) fronts a crack children’s spy unit in this ripping boy's own adventure.

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The Salvage GangThe Salvage Gang

Children's195852 minsDirector: John Krish

John Krish directs this beautifully photographed Children’s Film Foundation caper about four children scavenging bomb-damaged London for scrap metal.

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Sammy's Super T-shirtSammy's Super T-shirt

Children's197858 minsDirector: Jeremy Summers

Puny young Sammy gets a super-strength makeover when his lucky t-shirt is imbued with special powers, in this classic from Children’s Film Foundation.

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Soapbox DerbySoapbox Derby

Children's195764 minsDirector: D'Arcy Conyers

Children’s Film Foundation adventure that sees a young Michael Crawford scrapping with a rival South London gang in Battersea.

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Terry on the FenceTerry on the Fence

Children's198570 minsDirector: Frank Godwin

11-year-old Terry runs away from home and is drawn into a gang of bullies, in a gritty Children's Film Foundation drama.