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Browse a selection of features that are near-impossible to watch anywhere else (legally!) in the UK, including hard-to-see curios made by and starring future greats.

While the advent of DVD has made thousands of films easily accessible, these fascinating works remain very hard to see anywhere else. We hope this collection will introduce new audiences to these amazing films.

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100 Years of Japanese Cinema100 Years of Japanese Cinema

Documentary199652 minsDirector: Nagisa Oshima

Archive propels argument in this fascinating exploration of the social and cultural importance of Japan's film heritage.

Rent for £2.50

A Century of French CinemaA Century of French Cinema

Documentary199550 minsDirector: Anne-Marie Miéville and Jean-Luc Godard

Six regions, six films appraised for cultural and historical meaning. Produced by Jean-Luc Godard.

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92 in the Shade92 in the Shade

Comedy197587 minsDirector: Thomas Mcguane

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates feature in a sweaty tale of warring Florida fishing outfits, in this quirky and long unavailable comedy-drama.

Rent for £3.50

Above Us the EarthAbove Us the Earth

Documentary197782 minsDirector: Karl Francis

Karl Francis’ docu-drama about the closure of the Ogilvie Colliery in the Rhymney Valley by the National Coal Board in 1975.

Currently unavailable

Achilles' HeelAchilles' Heel

Sport197356 minsDirector: Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke’s film of a day in the life of a professional footballer as he deals with the newfound pressures of money, glamour and celebrity in the 1970s game.

Rent for £2.50


Historical drama1993109 minsDirector: Christopher Newby

Chris Newby’s poetic debut feature addresses the gulf between patriarchal power and female ritual and rebellion against the backdrop of a remote Medieval village.

Rent for £3.50


Drama198382 minsDirector: Edward Bennett

An English aristocrat is driven to despair over the effects of violence on her family, in this powerful meditation on the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Rent for £2.50


War199278 minsDirector: Steve Gough

During World War Two, a German airman crash-lands in a wood and is looked after by a naïve 12-year-old girl.

Rent for £2.50

Flight to BerlinFlight to Berlin

Drama198490 minsDirector: Chris Petit

Chris Petit’s sparse moody thriller begins with a mysterious death.

Rent for £2.50


Drama1982110 minsDirector: Pat Murphy and John Davies

Pat Murphy and John Davis’ experimental film brings a feminist alternative to the conventional narrative of the Troubles.

Rent for £2.50


Thriller198987 minsDirector: Andi Engel

Cerebral thriller about a German art critic who reconnects with his radical past when he agrees to be involved with an assassination attempt.

Rent for £3.50

Of Good ReportOf Good Report

Drama2013110 minsDirector: Jahmil Xolani Thandikhaya Qubeka

Disturbing but deeply stylish South African drama about a teacher who becomes obsessed with an under-age pupil in his class, with tragic consequences.

Rent for £2.50

The Phantom LightThe Phantom Light

Comedy193572 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Michael Powell’s gothic mystery of a haunted lighthouse where insanity thrives.

Currently unavailable

Play Me SomethingPlay Me Something

Drama198969 minsDirector: Timothy Neat

Tilda Swinton stars in a playful and ingenious cine-essay on the art of storytelling, from art critic John Berger and filmmaker Timothy Neat.

Rent for £3.50

Rapunzel Let Down Your HairRapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Animation & Artists Moving Image197875 minsDirector: Susan Shapiro, Esther Ronay and Francine Winham

An imaginative, experimental and playful look at myth, storytelling and female identity.

Rent for £1.00


Drama197341 minsSilentDirector: Tony Bicât

Tony Bicât’s radical, found-footage record of a revolutionary act, in which three dissidents kidnap a cabinet and torture a cabinet minister.

Rent for £3.50

Time FliesTime Flies

Comedy194488 minsDirector: Walter Forde

Fast-talking funny man Tommy Handley visits Elizabethan England - and ends up teaching Good Queen Bess con tricks - in this snappy time-travel comedy.

Rent for £2.50

Uncle SilasUncle Silas

Drama194798 minsDirector: Charles Frank

Gothic chiller based on the novel by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. Jean Simmons stars as an heiress pursued by her unbalanced uncle and his perverted son.

Rent for £3.50

Welcome to BritainWelcome to Britain

Documentary197673 minsDirector: Ben Lewin

Ben Lewin’s 1976 film captures a moment in Britain's evergreen immigration debate, focusing on new arrivals at Heathrow as they wrestle with immigration law.

Rent for £2.50

The Wild and the WillingThe Wild and the Willing

Drama1962109 minsDirector: Ralph Thomas

Ian McShane and John Hurt made their feature film debuts in this swinging 1960s drama centring on a group of students and their sexual exploits and escapades.