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Fantastic Planet PG rating

René Laloux and Roland Topor’s surreal, psychedelic sci-fi animation imagines a world in which humanoid creatures are kept as pets by a race of giants.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1973 72 mins

Director: René Laloux


René Laloux’s allegorical sci-fi animation presents the story of the Oms and their struggle for freedom against the giant Draags that have domesticated them as pets. With its array of outlandish creatures and bizarre rituals of meditation and telepathy, Fantastic Planet is an unforgettable psychedelic experience and a landmark of European animation.

Notorious for warping the minds of unsuspecting viewers during its 1980s TV broadcasts and the winner of the special jury prize at Cannes 1972, Fantastic Planet was directed by animator René Laloux, with production designed by noted surrealist Roland Topor (Polanski’s The Tenant) from a script by both of them.