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The Reflecting Skin 15 rating

Stunningly photographed drama about a young American boy caught up in the nightmare of a sinister rural community.

Horror 1990 96 mins

Director: Philip Ridley


The golden fields and cobalt sky of rural 1950s Idaho conceal the nightmarish realities of a troubled community. Eight-year-old Seth’s tough home life is made easier by the return of elder brother Cameron (Viggo Mortensen). Cameron falls for a mysterious Englishwoman (Lindsay Duncan) who lives nearby , but Seth is convinced that she is a vampire and plans to kill her.

An exquisite British take on American Gothic from director Philip Ridley, The Reflecting Skin has been notoriously difficult to see in recent years, having been denied an official British DVD release. This newly remastered version emphasises the film's beautiful cinematography by Oscar nominee Dick Pope.