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Swallowed 18 rating

It’s drugs, bugs and unrequited hugs in this deliciously grotesque queer body horror from Carter Smith.

Horror 2022 95 mins

Director: Carter Smith



Just hours before leaving his humble Maine town for the bright lights of LA, budding porn star Benjamin spends a final night with best friend Dom. As they reminisce on old times and speculate about the future, hints of lingering regrets and unexpressed feelings hang in the evening air. But wistful longing can wait, as Dom has a plan to ensure his bestie leaves with a little cash in his pocket. All they have to do is deliver a package across the border. But what exactly is in that package? Innately and unapologetically queer in a way that few horror films truly are, this wickedly subversive, playfully allegorical tale of bodily infection, invasion and infestation is not for the squeamish. For the viscera-friendly, prepare for your flesh to creep, your skin to crawl, and perhaps even for your heart to break.