Spy Stories

Coded phrases and angled trilbies make for a genre the British adore.

Loose lips sink ships in many of these films, which see directors like Hitchcock, the Archers and Roy Ward Baker establish their careers.

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The Ipcress FileThe Ipcress File

Crime1965108 minsDirector: Sidney J. Furie

The coolest spy of all – Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer – makes his brilliant big screen debut in this landmark British spy thriller.

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Deadlier than the MaleDeadlier than the Male

Detective drama196798 minsDirector: Ralph Thomas

Richard Johnson is Bulldog Drummond, a freelance investigator who attracts the attention of a pair of deadly female assassins, played by Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina.

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Highly DangerousHighly Dangerous

Drama195185 minsDirector: Roy Ward Baker

Margaret Lockwood plays an entomologist who travels to a Balkan country to investigate claims of germs warfare, only to find herself in the midst of a deadly spy game.

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Q PlanesQ Planes

Comedy193979 minsDirector: Tim Whelan

Ralph Richardson and Laurence Olivier star in a spy drama about the disappearence of prototype military aircraft.

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Maroc 7Maroc 7

Crime196788 minsDirector: Gerry O'Hara

Gene Barry stars as a spy on an Arabian adventure, sent to Morocco to infiltrate Cyd Charisse’s highly glamorous jewel-smuggling outfit.

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Thriller193677 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

A cinema owner works with a ring of terrorists, with drastic effects on his wife and her brother, in Hitchcock’s London-set thriller.

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Secret AgentSecret Agent

Thriller193683 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Long before James Bond, Alfred Hitchcock tried the story of a suave spy.

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The Spy in BlackThe Spy in Black

War193979 minsDirector: Michael Powell

A masterful thriller with true flair, The Spy In Black has a much larger importance: it threw Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger together for the first time.

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The Spy's WifeThe Spy's Wife

Drama197128 minsDirector: Gerry O'Hara

Tom Bell stars in this short film about a spy's wife who shows herself to be rather adept at espionage, while her husband is away on a mission.