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The Ipcress File PG rating

The coolest spy of all – Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer – makes his brilliant big screen debut in this landmark British spy thriller.

Crime 1965 108 mins

Director: Sidney J. Furie


Living a low-key life in a London bedsit, and happier whipping up an omelette than whipping out his pistol, Harry Palmer was altogether a new breed of secret agent - a million miles away from the elitist ethos of James Bond. In this splendidly understated ‘60s spy thriller, with a terrific John Barry soundtrack, Palmer can’t trust anybody, as he tracks down a traitor within his own department.

The Ipcress File was directed by Canadian Sidney J. Furie, whose previous British films had included two Cliff Richard pop musicals. Caine’s Harry Palmer would return to the screen for two further espionage adventures: Funeral in Berlin (1966), directed by Guy Hamilton, who helmed various entries in the James Bond series, and Billion Dollar Brain (1967) directed by flamboyant auteur Ken Russell.