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Lynn + Lucy 15 rating

A lifelong friendship is tested by tragedy in this atmospheric and intense first feature from acclaimed British shorts director Fyzal Boulifa.

Drama 2019 88 mins

Director: Fyzal Boulifa



Lynn (Roxanne Scrimshaw) and Lucy (Nichola Burley) have been friends their whole lives; inseparable at school and now living as neighbours and young mothers on an estate. But when a tragedy befalls the pair, a chain of events is set in motion that will severely test their bond, bringing out fears and resentments in the local community.

This beautifully acted and haunting film, elegantly shot in 4:3 academy ratio, manages the trick of transcending its kitchen sink aesthetic and slice-of-life scenario to deliver something akin to a modern morality play. Without easy answers or resolutions, the film presents the thorniest ‘what if?’ scenario, confronting us with a taut thriller of bad choices, misunderstandings and escalating social unrest. With his skilled debut, Boulifa joins the ranks of British filmmakers Francis Lee, William Oldroyd and Daniel Kokotajlo with his skilled transcendence of conventional British film genres and tropes. This film was made with the support of the BFI, using funds from the National Lottery.