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Gone Too Far! 12 rating

Riotous urban comedy adapted from the hit Royal Court play, about a Peckham teen affronted by the arrival of his long-lost Nigerian sibling.

Comedy 2014 88 mins

Director: Destiny Ekaragha



Peckham teenager Yemi’s street-cred is seriously dented when his long-lost Nigerian brother Iku arrives on the estate, flouting a thick Yoruba accent and even dodgier dress sense. Over the course of a single day, Yemi and Iku spend the day searching for okra, ingratiating Iku into London life and attempting to win the attentions of local troublemaking temptress Armani.

Directed by Destiny Ekarargha, director of the award-winning short Tight Jeans, and adapted from the Oliver-winning play by Bola Agbaje, Gone Too Far! Is an utterly authentic slice of South London life and a fantastic, freewheeling urban comedy.