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Bull 18 rating

After ten years’ absence, a vicious gangster (Neil Maskell) returns to his old stomping ground to find his son and take revenge on the gang that double-crossed him.

Crime 2021 88 mins

Director: Paul Andrew Williams



Like his title character, Paul Andrew Williams has been away from home turf for a while. But after the atypically gentle OAP drama Song for Marion, his latest is a fantastically violent return to his pulpy genre roots. Kill List’s Neil Maskell stars as Bull, a former gang enforcer who returns to his former hood on a mission to find his son. Bull is a man possessed, and no wonder; his ex-wife is a two-timing junkie and his father-in-law Norm (David Hayman) a psychopath gang boss whose firm has done Bull some serious wrongs. But Bull has a dark secret of his own, teased out in a kaleidoscopic timeframe as he single-handedly raises hell, in a horror-thriller that doesn’t flinch from strong bloody violence.