Early Hitchcock

Before Hollywood beckoned, Alfred Hitchcock directed some of the best British films ever made, many of them suspenseful thrillers that predicted his later, more famous American movies.

From silent crime dramas clearly influenced by German expressionism to witty thrillers featuring sparring couples, these are essential films for any cinema lover wishing to know more about the master of suspense.

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Drama1927105 minsSilentDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s fifth film features an early variation on his fabled ‘wrong man’plot, as Ivor Novello stands accused of getting a girl pregnant.

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The Lady VanishesThe Lady Vanishes

Thriller193896 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

An old woman disappears mysteriously on a busy train in Hitchcock’s delightful classic.

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The Lodger: A Story of the London FogThe Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

Crime192691 minsSilentDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Ivor Novello plays a strange lodger who may be behind a number of Jack the Ripper-style killings in Alfred Hitchcock’s silent thriller.

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The Man Who Knew Too MuchThe Man Who Knew Too Much

Thriller193472 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

An English couple are drawn into espionage when their daughter is kidnapped.

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Thriller193677 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

A cinema owner works with a ring of terrorists, with drastic effects on his wife and her brother, in Hitchcock’s London-set thriller.

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Secret AgentSecret Agent

Thriller193683 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Long before James Bond, Alfred Hitchcock tried the story of a suave spy.

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The 39 StepsThe 39 Steps

Thriller193583 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Sublime and suspenseful version of the popular John Buchan spy thriller from the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

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Young and InnocentYoung and Innocent

Thriller193783 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

In Hitchcock's early thriller, the witness to a murder is accused of the crime, evading arrest to track the real killer.