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Snowpiercer 15 rating

After a global catastrophe launches the world into a new ice age, the last of humanity are trapped on a high-speed train that circles the globe infinitely. 

Science Fiction 2013 126 mins

Director: Bong Joon-ho



On a high-speed train that infinitely circumvents Earth, humanity's last survivors are fixed into a rigid class system by the train's engineer. Curtis (Chris Evans) and those at the tail-end of the train look to inspire an uprising... A brutal and brilliant action thriller, Snowpiercer's action and intelligence never loses traction. 

Bong Joon-Ho's cult thriller presents a high-speed climate change class war with an A-star cast. Chris Evans proves his action-star chops, but the stand out performer is Tilda Swinton as the eccentric servant of the train's engineer.

Compact and lightning fast, Snowpiercer would prove to be difficult to see in the UK, not receiving a traditional release due to a dispute between the director and Harvey Weinstein, whose company controlled international rights.